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Handmade Knitwear

My name is Emilia and I'm the proud owner of LUMI! :-) I'm half Greek - half Finnish and even though I grew up in Greece, my influences in LUMI come from my Finnish origin mainly because of my grandmother who introduced me to and patiently taught me everything related to needles (big, small, round, straight etc).

LUMI means 'snow' in Finnish and as you know, when there is snow the weather is also cold, so...? We definitely need some knitwear to keep us warm as we leave our footprints (or paws) on the snow or anywhere we walk outside! This is where LUMI comes - to offer you and your loved ones cosy, stylish and warm clothes and accessories for (mainly) the winter months! The letters here represent the Lovely, Unique, Made by hand Items that I create with so much love.

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