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Dressing sustainably with handmade knitwear by LUMI

Stylish handmade knitted and crochet items for you and your loved ones

Knitwear have always been part of the statement pieces in every wardrobe. Especially handmade knitwear with unique designs can be timeless, effortlessly stylish and cool but at the same time warm and cosy! Whether you wear a statement piece under your coat in winter or you decide to cover your shoulders with a wrap in the cooler spring nights, there is nothing more stylish and cosy than a favourite handknitted or crochet item.

The longevity of the wool as a material makes a knitted or crochet item very environmentally friendly. The protection of the environment has always been a priority for me personally so I'm also trying to do the best that I can in my business as well. In an effort to become more sustainable, LUMI has started using eco-friendly yarns where and when possible. This means that the yarns used are not polyester, nylon or acrylic but eco-friendly yarns such as organic cotton (see summer/ spring items) or recycled wool. My aim is to ensure that by spring 2023 all the LUMI products will be knitted or crochet only with sustainable yarns locally produced in the UK.

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